Corporate Wellness Workshops

I love working with corporations to improve the health and lifestyles of their employees! I work hands on, as a speaker, trainer and mentor.

Research shows that maintaining good health has a significant and positive effect on an individuals’ demeanor, which impacts their relationships and performance at work. Poor nutrition, inability to deal with stress effectively, and lack of proper body care all lead to poor health. Unhealthy employees tend to have more sick days, which cost your company money. Time is money! When employees improve their nutrition and lifestyle habits they become more energetic and focused which improves their productivity at work.

Each workshop lasts approximately 60 minutes and includes demonstrations, presentations, and interactive activities to inspire & educate your team, as well as strengthen the bonds between your employees. Research shows that when employees develop stronger relationships at work, they feel more connected to their team. The result is a company that produces stronger, more creative individual & team performance and employees who can better sustain a high-quality level of work.

Workshops are available individually or as a series. They can be tailored to suit your specific needs, or you can choose from one of my workshops below:

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In this workshop employees learn the concept of bio-individuality regarding what foods their own unique body needs for optimal health and to manage their own personal energy, weight and long-term health. We discuss the benefits of eating well, as well as other tools to live a healthy lifestyle. 

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Here is a chance to get a handle on what you eat and drink, not through willpower or discipline but by understanding what causes those crazy uncontrollable cravings and how you can reduce them naturally over time. 

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Discover the benefits of physical exercise and new ways to work more physical activity into your busy day, and discover ways to overcome your barriers.

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Learn how to make small actionable changes to reduce stress. Understand the impact of stress on your health, the difference between good and bad stress, and ways to identify your stressors. 

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This workshop is a very hands on session where we sample different foods and teach participants the importance of making mindful choices around food, how to eat mindfully, and the impact of food on mood and well-being.