What's Included In Your Session:


  • In home Consultation: Together we will evaluate the contents of your pantry and fridge, discuss what to toss or keep based on any allergies, or health conditions.  You will learn how to replace certain items with wholesome and nutritious alternatives for good immune function.
  • Skype Consultation: If an in home consultation is not possible due to distance, a skype consultation works great!
  • Instruction: Learn how to read food labels, understand nutritional value and select    foods to optimize your family’s wellbeing to ensure healthier shopping choices. You  will be able to use this knowledge to teach your family how to read labels too.
  • Shopping Lists: I will provide you with a comprehensive list of my favorite healthy products you and your family will love and where they can be found.
  • Healthy Snack Ideas: I will provide a list of nutritious and satisfying snack ideas, simple to prepare, that you and your family will enjoy. I will teach you creative ways to get your children to make healthier choices. Many of these items will save you money as it will lessen your dependence on pre-packaged processed foods. 
  • Meal Planner: Following our session, I will provide a 3-day meal plan that is personalized for your family.
  • Recipes: Easy to follow step-by-step recipes for your 3-day meal plan.


Contact Suzy with questions or to find out which session(s) work best for your lifestyle goals.