Learning to Fit Out Not In

Listen, I love a good BBQ, just like the next person. The crispy edge of the barbecued chicken, the juicy inside of the burger, and even sometimes the combination of the sauerkraut, the hot dog and the mustard! But this past weekend, during the July 4th holiday, me and the hubs were empty nesting it, and were trying to eat really clean and healthy. Don't get me wrong, if you love a good BBQ now and then, especially on the July 4th weekend, its awesome, but often times I find in working with clients, and even with my self, we sometimes resort to our old staples, the things we can cook off the top of our head, because we are too overwhelmed to come up with something else to make for dinner. We try sometimes to "fit in" with the norm. 

This weekend we were hot, and feeling heavy, and wanted a light main dish that would satisfy, without a lot of hassle. Enter, Spaghetti Squash with Summer Veggies for a great summertime main dish. Now I will post the recipe below, which is adapted from my new favorite cookbook by Pamela Salzman, titled "Kitchen Matters", but don't get hung up on the ingredients and the amounts, make it simple. 

When we become secure in our food choices, when we pay attention to the type of food our body is asking for, when we start to make healthier food choices and focus on nurturing ourselves, we may start to feel like we don't "FIT IN" with others around us. This is a concept I studied in my Nutrition School the idea of "FITTING OUT" rather than "FITTING IN". If you really want to get healthy, and make changes in your diet, you need to be comfortable "FITTING OUT". If you are deciding to make healthy diet changes, don't hide it. Educate others, tell them what you are dong and why. Don't worry about interrupting normal routines, whether that's not going to fast food for lunches with co-workers, or bringing healthier dishes to a family or friend get together. The more you start to be authentic with your food choices, and decisions, the easier "FITTING OUT" will become and you will start to feel happier and healthier. And if you want to indulge in a good BBQ once in a while, do it, mindfully and guilt free becuase that is what you feel your body needs at that moment. But give this spaghetti squash recipe a try and experiment with other veggies and toppings you might enjoy in the squash!

Poke holes in squash with a fork, put whole squash in microwave and cook about 10 minutes. Then cool, cut and remove the seeds and make strands with your fork!

Poke holes in squash with a fork, put whole squash in microwave and cook about 10 minutes. Then cool, cut and remove the seeds and make strands with your fork!


Next heat olive oil and mushrooms in a skillet about 3 minutes. Add in garlic and red pepper flakes until fragrant, then add salt, pepper and tomatoes and cook about 5 minutes. Add in some spinach and cook another 3 minutes. Then add in basil leaves and stir until wilted. 


Combine the squash in the skillet with the tomatoes and saute until it is all warmed through. Then add some Parmesan cheese if you like and additional salt and pepper to taste. 


Here are the actual ingredients if you are not yet ready to experiment on your own:

1 Spaghetti Squash 

1/4 Cup Olive Oil

Sea Salt and Pepper to taste

1/2 Pound Mushrooms

Garlic Cloves sliced (I used a lot like 5)

1 Pound of Cut Cherry Tomatoes

Couple of Handfuls of Spinach

1/2 cup of Basil

Parmesan Cheese





Harmoniously Yours,